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Matthew Ricketts, a Young Composer on a Journey

A journey theme winds its way through the music of Matthew Ricketts, a young Canadian composer who has received two commissions to date from the OSM. Hearing one’s music being played in space; that is the singular joy Matthew Ricketts experienced in the spring of 2017. A French astronaut played the first notes of his... Read more »

A festive musical event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of CEGEPs!

The OSM, together with former contestants from the Cégeps en spectacle talent competition, will celebrate the 50th anniversary of CEGEPs in an evening show filled with song, humour, dance and classical music. In 2017, we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the creation of CEGEPs in Quebec. The introduction of the first 12 CEGEPs in... Read more »

The OSM for the first time at the prestigious Salzburg Festival!

Kent Nagano and the Orchestra will kick off the event with a work by Penderecki in the summer of 2018 Regarded as the most important event of its kind, the Salzburg Festival, a world-class opera, classical music and theatre extravaganza, has invited the OSM and Kent Nagano to present the opening concert of its next... Read more »

An invitation to Eastern Europe from three Canadian women

A composer, a conductor and a violin soloist: allow us to introduce the amazing trio of women who are going to take you on a musical journey to the Balkans.                              On November 9 and 12, Ana Sokolović, Keri-Lynn Wilson and Karen Gomyo will top the bill for the OSM Journey to Eastern Europe concert.... Read more »

Two-part conversation with organist Patrick Wedd

As our concert “Montreal, City of 100 Bell Towers” approaches, we invite you into the world of a master of the mightiest instrument of all time. Patrick Wedd is titular organist of the organ of Christ Church Anglican Cathedral and is one of the three soloists in Saturday’s event. He was kind enough to answer... Read more »

Interview: Charles Richard-Hamelin reconnects with Prokofiev

Charles Richard-Hamelin has had a long-term love affair with Prokofiev. As the young Quebec pianist recounts: “Early on in my musical training, at the age of 13, I became fascinated with Prokofiev because his music was so thoughtful and interesting. He was also a chess champion, and it shows in his music!” It was also Prokofiev... Read more »


20160907_carmina_burana_orchestre_symphonique_de_montreal_1920_610   In keeping with tradition, the OSM is featuring several Canadian and Québec works in this season’s concert calendar.   Some have already been performed by the Orchestra in the past, while others are being presented to audiences for the very first time.   The composers whose works will be heard again this year include some... Read more »


souvenir_de_florence_orchestre_symphonique_de_montreal_1920_610.jpg   Throughout the season, the OSM will contribute to heightening awareness of Canadian and Québec creators by encouraging the composition of new works.   This will be a particularly auspicious year, as many anniversaries will be celebrated with great pomp, including the 375th anniversary of the city of Montréal and the 50th anniversary of the Montréal metro.... Read more »


  Since it was founded in 1934, the OSM has supported Canadian and Québec musical creation through the performance of works by our national composers and by commissioning new pieces.   Over the last 40 years, more than 300 Canadian works have been performed by the OSM at least once.   This year alone, 13 compositions penned by homegrown talent are being... Read more »



INTERVIEW WITH JAMES EHNES – Marc Wieser (September 29, 2016)
On his upcoming concerts and recital (October 13, 14 and 16) with the OSM